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University of Oxford vacancies

Posted 30/03/2015

If there are no vacancies currently showing for the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism and/or you would like to view all vacancies at the University of Oxford, please follow ...


Elsevier/OCDEM Annual Research Prizes

Elsevier/OCDEM Annual Research Prizes

Posted 17/09/2015

Thanks to generous support from Elsevier the Elsevier/OCDEM Annual Research Prize Competition in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism will run on Friday 6th November 2015. This year includes ...

Welcome to OCDEM

OCDEM is a pioneering centre which combines clinical care, research and education in diabetes, endocrine and metabolic diseases.



ACE Randomisation Target Achieved

ACE Randomisation Target Achieved

Posted 14/09/2015

Professor Rury Holman has congratulated the ACE team on reaching the 6,500 randomised target.  The aim of the Acarbose Cardiovascular Evaluation (ACE) clinical trial is to establish if a drug called ...

Prof Mark McCarthy and Prof Rury Holman Highly Cited Researchers

Prof Mark McCarthy and Prof Rury Holman Highly Cited Researchers

Posted 09/09/2015

Prof Mark McCarthy and Professor Rury Holman appear in the 2015 "highly cited researchers" list published by Thompson Reuters. This prestigious list includes those scientific researchers who have ...